Gallery Quick Start Guide

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Creating, Deleting, and Ordering Albums


You must create at least 1 album before you can upload images.

  • Click on Create / order my albums in the left menu titled "My Gallery". This link will only show if you are logged in.
  • Click on "New", the words "New album" will appear in the lower box, just type over this to name the album.
  • You can also highlight albums in the box to delete them, or move them up and down using the buttons below the main box.
  • When you're all done click on the "Apply Modifications" button.
  • You can have as many albums as you want, don't be shy.

Uploading Images

  • Click on Upload file in the left menu titled "My Gallery". This link will only show if you are logged in.
  • Images up to 1 MB may be uploaded. They will be resized to 800 pixels on the longest side if necessary. If the original was larger than that, the original will be removed after resizing. Don'y worry, 800 pixels is huge!
  • Browse your computer for up to 10 different images to upload. (If they are very large images, you're better off doing 5 at a time to reduce the risk of timing out.)
  • When you have selected the images, click continue.
  • When you get the message that all files have been uploaded, click continue.
  • You will now be presented with your images one at a time to supply information before they will be placed.
  • You must select an album, and supply an accurate title, a description is also strongly encouraged. Other fields are optional.
  • After your done with each image, click continue to move to the next image until you are done.
  • Be sure you have enough time to finish what you start, files left in "limbo" will be deleted and you will have to upload them again.
  • If you want to replace an already uploaded image, do not delete the old one and upload again. Use the Replace File button on the images page.

Editing Images


  • Drill down until you are on the images exclusive page.
  • You will see 4 links under the image. Crop and Rotate  |  Edit file information  |  DELETE THIS FILE  |  Replace file
  • Crop and Rotate - This will allow you to use these editing options. If you can do this before you upload that's even better. An improperly cropped image will take up more disk space and your thumbnail will look bad.
  • Edit file information - This will allow you to change any or all of the data fields you supplied when you uploaded the file. Moving to a different album will probably be what you use this for the most.
  • DELETE THIS FILE - You should almost never use this. If you want to replace a file, do not delete and reupload. See below.
  • Replace file - This will allow you to upload a replacement for the file without losing any links to the file.


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