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Baldwin II (1118 - 1131)
AE Follis

Struck: 1110 - 1118
Mint: Edessa
Size: 21mm
Weight: 3.74g
Die Axis: ~0°
Grade: VF
Ref: Metcalf, Crusades 109-12; CCS 10 Crusaders.

Obv: Baldwin standing left, wearing conical helmet and chain-armor, holding globus cruciger and resting hand on hilt of sword.
Rev: Cross fleuronnée.
Baldwin II, also known as Baldwin of Bourcq, was the lord of Bourcq in the Ardennes region of France. In 1096 he accompanied his cousins Godfrey of Bouillon and Baldwin of Boulogne to Palestine during the First Crusade. He succeeded Baldwin of Boulogne as the second count of Edessa, the first crusader state in Mesopotamia. In 1100 the same year Baldwin of Boulogne became the King of Jerusalem. In 1118 When the childless Baldwin I died, Baldwin II acceded the throne of Jerusalem.

The first challenge of his reign came in 1119 when a crusader army in Antioch was defeated by Ilghazi of Mardin the Turkish ruler of Aleppo in what became known as the Battle of the Field of Blood. Baldwin rushed north with his forces and defeated Ilghazi at the Battle of Hab and assumed regency of Antioch.

In January of 1120 Baldwin and Warmund, the Patriarch of Jerusalem convened the Council of Nablus. The first laws of the Kingdom of Jerusalem were codified at this council. A fraternity of knights under the command of Hugh of Payns and Godfrey de Saint-Omer received official recognition at this council. Baldwin lodged them at the Temple Mount and they became known as the Knights Templar. Around the same period a militia was formed from members of the order of Hospitaliers who offered their services to Baldwin. Despite being captured by the Turks in 1123 and successfully ransomed in 1124, with the help of the Templars and Hospitaliers, Baldwin launched several campaigns against the Damascenes and Turks over the years and was able to significantly expand the territory of the kingdom secure control over several territories.

Having no male children, Baldwin offered his daughter Melesinde in marriage to the powerful Count of Anjou, Fulk V and named them as his successors. He fell seriously ill sometime in 1131 and died on 21 August. He was buried in the Holy Sepuchre.

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